500 steps

For our workout warm-up on Saturday myself and my training partner did 500 step-ups. Thirteen minutes later my calves were blown up. But what I enjoyed most about the routine was that in order to keep track of the count we had to stay very focused on each step. Honestly I hadn’t been that tuned in for some time.

After our training was over I began thinking how much the warm-up was similar to starting a business. There are always tens, if not hundreds, of steps to the process. And each requires the teams complete focus before moving on to the next phase. Move forward before completing the previous step and you will likely stumble.

This is not to say that each step along the way is equal in importance. On the contrary. However even the minute pieces to your business growth can have profound impact on the following steps and your overall success.

Good entrepreneurs see business planning many steps ahead of where they currently are. But much like a chess player they intelligently weigh each individual move. As the saying goes “take things one step at a time”.

Thanks for your time. Reach out to me if you want to “gograblunch”.


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