Is any connection a good one?

Let me give you my attorney answer – it depends. What it depends on is your perspective.

In my opinion not every contact deserves hours of your time. Yes, I know that is harsh. But it is true. In today’s world with all the comings and goings that people are involved in it is increasingly important to have activity only around beneficial relationships. Here’s the thing – how will you know if a contact is worth the effort or not if you don’t take at least an hour to find out?

Most people these days have learned not to judge a person based on their color or gender, so why would you judge a potential relationship based only on profession? Do I know enough Realtors to have my needs covered for the rest of my life? You bet. Can each Realtor possibly lead me to my next latest and greatest business contact. Sure they could.

One of Napolean Hill’s top ten attributes for great success is open-mindedness. I’m not suggesting you have every lunch be with a car salesman (by the way I know a good one, if you’d like to meet him go ask for Victor Porter at Ted Russell Ford Parkside). I am telling you to give each one the chance to prove your opinion of them wrong.

Until next time, go grab lunch w/ someone new!


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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