Prospect or Suspect?

I first heard the idea phrased this way by a business advisor I was networking with. It was at a business round table where my contact was laying out how his services help business owners grow their business.

His opinion was that most business owners fail to achieve sales growth because they are too busy selling to every person they meet before determining if that person is really a potential buyer. They are suspects.

Prospects are people that meet the guidelines of your target market and are capable of making a purchase decision. His includes willingness and financial resources to do so.

Often when we meet others through networking efforts we immediately see them as a potential buyer. Instead why not look at them as a referral source? I’d rather get to the pocket book of their contacts than just the one individual.

Until next time, go grab lunch with someone.


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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  1. Well said. Everyone cannot be a prospect. Networking is a mean of increasing your chances of leading to potential buyers. Engage with your entire network because buzz is important and if you are doing something good, you will definitely be reffered. The “word of mouth” marketing is the best possible thing that can happen to you. Isn’t it?

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