Why lunch, not coffee etc.?

This blog was originally posted on Nov 10th.  However this weekend I had an interesting run-in with a family friend.  After finding out that I created GoGrabLunch.com he informed me that he had considered knocking the idea off with GoGrabCoffee.  Good thing we own that site and good thing our intellectual property protection is in place.

Thanks for asking. Actually the team did consider all the options. In fact, stay tuned…

The reality of it is that we decided upon the name for two reasons. First, once you make a connection with someone the next step seems to always be “Want to go grab lunch sometime?”. So from a branding point of view GoGrabLunch.com made sense.

Of course you could insert coffee into that sentence. However if you think about it not all business professionals can leave their offices for coffee. I don’t know of a single business person that is not allowed a lunch time. Our government requires it.

One of the things this decision has forced us to do is educate the public about various uses for our site. Just last night @craftydevon stated on Twitter “@lrknight Want to go grab dinner since its to late to #GoGrabLunch?”. My response was use us anyway.

GoGrabLunch.com may sound like our service is only for lunch time meetings, however people are already realizing that you can use us for meetings any time of the day. I have seen breakfast meetings and cocktail meetings planned. I don’t care how you use our service, just use it.

Until next time, GoGrabLunch or coffee or beer…


About Jonathan Patrick

GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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