How can I help you?

Last night I was asked to speak at a Chamber of Commerce speed networking event. Many of the people that choose to network through an event like this do so for a variety of reasons.

One of the top reasons is that the event is structured and therefore the participants know exactly what is expected of them. Another reason was that the structure forces participates to network; whereas in open networking events it is easy to “hide” by talking only with existing contacts.

Part of what I was sharing with the group was my thoughts on networking philosophy. This included seeing the person on the other side of the table as a referral source, not a prospect. Similar to my blog on suspects versus prospects (

What I shared with the group was one sentence to focus on when networking. That being to ask yourself and your new contact how you can help them. The famous motivator and personal development speaker Jim Rohn said that “when you help others get what they want, you can have everything you want”.

So the next time you find yourself making a new contact try this method. Don’t focus on what you can get from them, but rather how you can help them. It could be years down the road (and it has been in my case) but by helping others they will more times than not feel unconsciously obligated to return the favor.


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