Research the contact

Our site does not allow you to see too much of another professional’s information until you have booked a lunch appointment together. This has been a point of emphasis for the team since inception. We wanted to avoid what I call “trolling”.

Once a lunch is booked between two people you can however see more about the other person. I would recommend you take advantage of that fact. No I don’t mean call them and start selling your services. A good practice however would be to research that person so that you know more about them, their company, and interests.

Prior research is a good way to plan for your meeting and have some outstanding questions ready for conversation ahead of time. I have taken this so far as to get the list of participants in a networking event I was speaking at and researching them through the internet. This seemed to impress the participants, particularly one woman who I had seen a sketch of on her site and therefore knew exactly who she was on sight.

Imagine sitting down to network with someone and they compliment you on your company’s Hummer wrap job…and you didn’t drive the thing. Or they comment about an award they just won…before you even introduce yourself.

The point is that it shows interest and fore-thought. It shows intent. It shows professionalism.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving. Make this a week to make new business connections and GoGrabLunch!


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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