Become a resource for people

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with Shawn Carson of Tech 2020 (; he also writes a great blog at

While we were waiting in line to order I took the opportunity to introduce an old martial arts student of mine, Mishi, to Shawn.  Mishi just happens to own a tech firm and I knew the two could benefit each other and should network.  Of course the usual exchange of cards commenced and Shawn energetically said “See it’s working!” in reference to our site’s purpose of connecting business professionals that don’t know one another.

I’ve had the honor in the past few years of becoming a resource for others.  It seems I am a “go to guy” when you need a contact in a certain arena.  Need a home inspector? I have the guy for you.  Want to keep the IRS off your back?  Call this accountant.  Confused by this whole Twitter thing?  Meet my social media friend.

The power of becoming a resource for people is that it means they trust your opinion.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be asking who you use for certain needs.  Trust is a critical factor to any business relationship.  And being a source of information and contacts for others can only increase that trust.

Make sure to GoGrabLunch with someone new this week.


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