Have #klout?

As social media has hit main stream it has become increasingly important to understand the value of each individual.  Amongst social media there are people who use such avenues as ways to communicate with others, and then there are those individuals that seem to promote themselves.  For instance, I can’t tell you the number of times I have been contacting by someone offering to help me make thousands of dollars through my blog or Twitter account.

Not too long ago a service came out who’s goal seemed to help identify people within social media that were legitimate. That service is called Klout (www.klout.com).  According to their website “The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.”

This is a fabulous idea and similar to the concept of our members “NetQuotient”.  We designed our site to give members a NetQuotient score in order to help other members see who might be a better suited contact for them.  The higher the score the better the contact in theory.

Just this weekend we released a new feature to our site.  When you are logged into a geographic area you can now see the top net workers in your city based on their GoGrabLunch.com NetQuotient.  There is also an aggregate list for the top 10 regardless of location.  Because of that I wanted to take a few minutes to explain how your NetQuotient is scored and how you can work to improve it.

Each members NetQuotient is adjusted based on a variety of factors.  The impact on your score varies based on the action however here is a short list of things that can affect your ranking:

Actions that earn points: planning a new lunch, grabbing an open lunch, rating a completed lunch, each automated tweet regarding a lunch, tipping GoGrabLunch for our service

Ratings can earn you points: anytime a fellow member provides feedback after a completed lunch about another member that is positive (i.e. Extremely Helpful, Very Helpful, Somewhat Helpful, Two-way conversation)

Things that can lose you points: not showing up for a lunch, selling/pitching during a lunch, Inappropriate/unprofessional behavior, dominating conversation, being rated as Not Helpful at all

One more important note – canceling a lunch negates any positive points gained for planning one.

Completing a lunch increases your NetQuotient and therefore gives you priority to lunches with other members.  And remember, the more completed lunches you have in December the better your chances to win an iPod Touch!

GoGrabLunch with someone new this week.


About Jonathan Patrick

GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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