Spiral Marketing

I came across this topic by chance.  One of the things I am an advocate of is regular reading in order to expand your knowledge.  My current book is Shift Your Mind by Steve Chandler.  In the book he talks a lot about spirals.  I highly recommend the book and suggest you get it.

Shift Your Mind lives up to it’s title.  I say this because every time I pick the book up I come away with some new thought(s).  Circles in the author’s opinion are stagnant because they continually loop and never make a leap upwards.  However a spiral is cyclical and loops, however at some point it “leaps” upwards to the next level.

After reading Mr. Chandler talk about spirals I began relating the word to networking.  What I came up with is that spiral networking involves a series of interactions each leading to a higher, better quality connection until you have reached your target contact.

Now keep in mind that I have never heard of this idea or any related terms.  But out of curiosity I Googled “spiral marketing”.  Instantly I knew I had hit on something.  It would seem that the idea of spiral marketing has been alive and well for some time.  According to WorldMallTV.com “Referral marketing (also known as spiral marketing) is a way of getting your visitors to tell other people about your site.   Most referral marketing is by word of mouth or other advertising methods but this could help to generate some extra interest in your site…”.

Instantly I loved this phrase and idea behind it.  Spiral marketing is exactly what we are trying to help our members accomplish.  By making new contacts and learning to develop those relationships each member’s business can benefit from some positive word of mouth and hopefully referrals by other members.

No budget = no problem.  Use spiral marketing to make an impact and let your clients do the work for you.



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GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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