Now that is an experience!

There is a newer restaurant in town called We Are Cooking. I tried them out today because I had my own GoGrabLunch appointment there. As a side note I used our site because I had nothing else planned. In fact I grabbed an open lunch two hours before the appointed time Nice reminder of the benefits we provide.

We all know that customer service around the retail world isn’t what it is supposed to be. Well that isn’t the case at We Are Cooking. From the moment you walk in the experience begins. I was greeted twice, on separate occasions, with “Welcome Home!”. When I informed the owner that I was thirty minutes early for my appointment he handed me a cup and told me to make myself at home. And I thought this was just another burger joint.

All this really resonates with me because I am working on making GoGrabLunch more of an experience. You can be sure I’ll be taking notes from We Are Cooking.

Maybe I’ll recommend a tagline to Ed. How about – Welcome home, we are cooking, you are relaxing.


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