Don’t even think about it pal! (Expect nothing)

Social media, more specifically Twitter, can be credited for attracting a fair amount of our new members.  In fact a majority of the site’s membership from outside the state of Tennessee found us through Twitter.  Long term what value we will gain from that is hard to say, but it sure was inexpensive marketing in terms of dollars.

One of the things I do not care for on Twitter are the mass amount of spammers.  I certainly have the option to unfollow them and therefore avoid having to see their messages.  But what I don’t understand are the people that really think that spamming and expecting things will get them anywhere.

Just this week we had a gentleman engage us with some clearly thoughtful direct messages.  By all appearances he was interested in our model and wanted to know more.  That of course is appreciated.  The issue I have with this person is that no sooner had he engaged us in some meaningful conversation that the messages turned toward his “expectations”.  Apparently if someone follows you on Twitter you are expected to follow them back.  While I can see that as a good practice I don’t believe it to be a black and white matter.

The problem with expectations, says Steve Chandler in his book Shift Your Mind, is that you only have to possible outcomes.  Either the person meets your expectations and you feel they should have or they don’t and you are disappointment.

Relationships are not about expecting things.  Just because you have a business lunch with a new contact doesn’t mean they have to do business with you or refer clients your way.  Learn to give freely, without expected return, and you will make a bigger impact on the world.

Never eat alone again and GoGrabLunch!


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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