Good things happen when you meet new people

For six weeks we have been live and some really good things are starting to happen for our members.  While members have been using GoGrabLunch in a positive way to reconnect with professionals they already knew, the majority of the good connections I have been hearing about have been for the members willing to open their preferences and just meet someone.

Here are a few ways members are benefiting:

– Just today I got an email from a member that had finally been on her first lunch appointment.  It seems that the contact was a good one to make because within that first appointment they were able to refer some outside contacts to one another that could help their businesses.  Both immediately scheduled their next GoGrabLunch appointment.

–  As founders we often take the time to schedule lunches with members in our area or as we travel.  This week I had the pleasure of lunching with a supportive member that gave me some great suggestions to consider.  What I am most proud of is that during that lunch I helped my partner work through where he could network to help his business.  I not only recommended some complimentary industries but went so far as to introduce him via email to a contact of mine in one of those industries.  They have already scheduled a coffee connection.

I also used our system to connect with a member that is an architect.  During our appointment I suggested I introduce her to some commercial real estate agents as they would be great contacts for her.  They have already connected and are planning on co-referring.

I am not aware if any business has transacted yet out of the many appointments that have occurred to date.  Remember we don’t promise your revenue will grow because of us, but we promise you will meet some great contacts.  The money is coming…


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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