How networking led me to a professional athlete

In 1988 I attended my first Major League Baseball spring training in Fort Lauderdale with my father.  The team we saw play was the New York Yankees.  At the time I was a huge baseball card collector, but less of an actual baseball fan.  After warm-ups one of the Yankees pitchers, Lee Guetterman, stopped and signed autographs for myself and one other young fan as well as exchanged a few kind words.  To this day I have never forgotten that experience.

Fast forward to Dec 22, 2010.

There I sit in yet another networking event sitting at a table of other professionals exchanging best practices and how we can help one another.  The holiday spirit was in full effect and the group was really laughing it up.  Seated across from me was a gentleman that I knew I had met before.  I just couldn’t figure out how.

First I noticed his name and thought I knew it from somewhere.  Next I noticed his build (he was very, very tall), along with his facial features including facial hair etc.  It was coming to the tip of my tongue when I saw him write left handed. Guess who I was seated across from…Lee Guetterman.

After the meeting I greeted him and shared the above story.  Lee was blown away that I had remembered him.  Today  Mr. Guetterman works for a local Christian academy.  He is still as polite as I recalled.

And that is how networking, face-to-face networking, led me to a professional athlete that I had already met but didn’t “know”.  Maybe it’s 2 degrees of separation instead of six…


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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