Social media changes that we COUNT on

On December 31st Mike Johansson posted the following post.
After reading his post I found myself realizing that I agreed with
many of his points. I also realized that as those points get proven
to be true over time they will only validate what we are doing at Of all his comments I found #1 to be the most
poignant. According to Johansson’s first point people will “want
more real experiences” out of social media in 2011. In particular
he mentions that “It will no longer be acceptable to interrupt
real, in-person conversation to check-in, tweet or update your
status”. Not only will it no longer be acceptable but it my opinion
a large number of people will come to the realization that social
media is not networking nor is it truly connecting with others in
it’s finest form. There are those individuals that will always
enjoy “engaging” others solely through the internet. Frankly, I
believe that is because it takes less commitment of time, energy,
and the freedom of speech that comes with it. Say something rude in
person and there are more serious consequences. As social media
continues to evolve I feel that it is those individuals who are
able to successfully balance face-to-face and online networking
that will reap the rewards. So continue to sharpen your
networking skills and build deep relationships with people that can
truly help you build your business


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