240 to get it done!

Today I did some development work on my 2011 business plan.  After crunching a lot of numbers one in particular stuck out to me: 240.  Although it is quick math that number represents the number of days in a year I will have to accomplish my goals (minus holidays, vacation, etc.).  Looking at things in this fashion really put my efforts in perspective.

What it all means is that I need to be extremely efficient with my time.  While I have always prided myself on my time management skills, they will need to hit another level to do everyone I want this year.  Below are a few things I have determined will be needed to stay on track:

  • I will have to be deliberate about which networking events I attend so as to avoid being spread thin.  Here I will heed my own words and pick events based on quality not quantity amongst the following forms of networking
  • I will have to learn to say “no”.  If you have any level of clout in the business world people try to pull on you from every direction.  They even try to demand things of you

As you can imagine I have no doubt that by networking effectively I will accomplish all I want and more.  A fair amount of that networking will come through GoGrabLunch.  Not because I created, but because I know it works.  Point in case – Jacene England has been a member of our site since it launched.  Just today I say the following tweet from her (@perspectivearch): “Contract signed on 1st business day of 2011! Thanks @GoGrabLunch and @jonathanMpatric for the connection. It works!”.

If you aren’t networking our way you aren’t networking the right way.


About Jonathan Patrick

GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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