Validation: the power of networking is a universal language (12% growth)

Networking it would seem is a universal language.  There comes a day in every start-up’s time-line when the growth goes exponential.  Up until today our normal growth in membership was about 2%…today it hit 12%.  All thanks to two publications.  Here is the kicker.  Both publications were outside the United States and picked up our story without any push by us.

This morning a blog in Spain happened to cover our site. From there news apparently traveled to Peru.

Now from what I remember from my 5 years of Spanish not every reader saw the value in our idea. One even commented “What a sad idea” (my translation). I suppose he doesn’t see the value in meeting people face-to-face. In fact he suggested others network via social media. Good luck with that.

Apparently though many readers did find the value.  At least 55+ of them believed in our service enough to become a member.  Quite a few even scheduled upcoming lunches.  So we have officially gone worldwide.  Oh by the way there are lunches planned in London and Singapore as well.  Of course the United States continues to grow.  In Florida today we had our first fulfilled lunch.

So it goes without saying that we owe a continued thank you to all our supports.  Particularly our new ones in Spain and Peru.  Our appreciation to El Comerico in Peru and out of Spain has no limit.


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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  1. jerome chandler

    Man I gotta get detroit on the map!

    • Jerome

      We have an invite button on the main page of our site now. Perhaps to help us grow in Detriot you would be willing to email blast other business professionals you know?

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