It works for me too…

I created it.  It consumed me for days after the thought entered my mind.  It still does to this day.  Constantly I worry about it’s ability to work the way we intended it.  Especially in the face of some of the criticism I hear.  I knew it was working for others (heck I had even helped them make it work).  So you can imagine my relief when it finally worked for me.

What kind of founder would I be if I didn’t use my own networking site to meet other professional contacts?  A pretty terrible one.  Not only does it give me a great opportunity to taste the full realm of the experience and it’s inner workings but I get to do what I love.  And I love to meet new people.

Just yesterday I had a lunch with an individual that is in a complimentary industry to mine.  We both call on and work with the same type of clients, only in a different capacity.  After spending some time trying to figure out how I could help him grow his practice (I will end up making some introductions for him that should be beneficial) the tables turned.  It seems my new contact wanted to help me as well.

Not two minutes into explaining the type of prospects I work with my lunch partner mentioned he had a company in mind he would like me to speak with.  Today he has followed through on that introduction and I will be taking a look at a request from his client.  And a very sizable one at that. Now it’s up to me to make it count.

How nice is it to be able to sit down with like minded business professionals and find ways to help each other grow their business?  That folks is why GoGrabLunch was created.  To benefit you and me.  If you are waiting on the fence to try us out then you are missing the boat…or should I say business opportunities.


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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