Why would you?

Why would you damage one of your most powerful assets?

One of the few things that someone can not take away from you is your name, i.e. your reputation.  A reputation is something that is built slowly over time but can come crashing down in a matter of minutes.

It is normal in networking relationships that the trust between professionals builds slowly.  However after a period of time and numerous interactions the trust factor reaches a point where you become “referable”.  One’s reputation can add to or subtract from this issue.

What most people don’t understand is that your reputation, and therefore someone’s trust in you, can be affected by the smallest of things.  I once backed out of a business partnership because the original founders were late for three meetings in a row.  The last straw was when they were 30 minutes late.  They had built a reputation for not being punctual.

Of course there are little things in life that can get in the way of being on time (or even showing up at all) for your scheduled meetings.  We all have the same roadblocks that get thrown up in front of us.  At the very least contact the other party apologize for any inconvenience and let them know the situation.

You have heard it a thousand times “first impressions are everything”.  Certainly they are.  So are the second, third, fourth, and so on.  So try to be on time for any set meetings you have.  Actually I try to even be 10-15 minutes early so I can prepare for the meeting and in case there were delays in my arriving.

And for heaven’s sake show up…


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