I don’t need any more business right now

The success of many business models relies on building up and maintaining a solid pipeline of potential prospects.  You can tell when you have your efforts dialed in correctly when you are so busy turning those prospects into customers that you start to lose time for prospect.  Learning to manage the ups and downs of your business cycle takes getting used to.

The tendency is to relax your efforts when you feel like business is going well.  The problem here is that getting plans back into action can take some lead time depending on your industry.

Recently I heard a business-person tell a group that she was too busy to take any more referrals at this time.  While I am sure that sounded logical to her (she apparently felt so busy that she could not service any more prospects appropriately) in reality I think it can hurt your reputation.  Once you ask people to stop referring you business it can be hard to get them restarted.

What I recommend instead is to continue accepting prospects into your pipeline regardless of how busy you are.  If you are part of a sales team try bringing in teammates to work through your overloaded pipeline together.  Many sales professionals would hesitate to do so because of shared commissions etc.  Better to have some credit than none.

So keep the pedal to the metal.  Letting off can lead to a let down.


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  1. “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough!” I love that quote from Mario Andretti.

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