How golf and GoGrabLunch are similar

Dear Net-workers,

First and foremost let me say thank you to all of you for the generous support you have shown us. At the time of launching the site on November 1st last year we had very healthy goals in mind for what we wanted to accomplish in terms of members. I believe I can speak for all of the founding partners when I say that you have gone above and beyond in helping us exceed our plans to date.

We have now been live for close to three months and have seen many milestones fade into the rear view mirror. As our successes have depended on you I think it only fair that we share some of the accomplishments you have helped us achieve.

– Currently the site has over 800 members representing 288 cities in 35 countries.

Many of you know the service was built to work world wide however our initial focus was in our hometown of Knoxville, TN. Just this month we have begun marketing in other key United States cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, Washington DC, and Nashville. These cities have been selected as we already have a good base of active members there. If you don’t see your area please don’t be discouraged. Remember it only takes a few people sharing our site with their contact sphere to get the ball rolling.

– We have added over 16 new features to the site based on your feedback.

Things like a Twitter feed on the main page as well as the “te!! a friend” feature have helped members like you share our site with others. In the next few weeks we will be rolling out some additional features including the ability for restaurants to add their location to our preferred vendor list. We are also close to signing a deal with potential strategic partners that will allow us to offer certain features we are currently not capable of doing. One word – reservations.

– Our company has been mentioned by numerous publications around the world.

Whether it be the 55+ new members living in Lima, Peru or the 120 members that joined us this Friday, articles on,,, and have helped introduce us to new net-workers that are seeing the value in getting out from behind their computers and making new contacts.

– An affiliate program is about to be experimented with.

We realize that our ability to add new preferred restaurants for you take advantage of is limited to geography, therefore we will be trying out an affiliate marketing program in select cities. Our affiliates will be responsible for growing our user base and bringing on new preferred vendors in exchange for a cut of our revenue. If you know anyone that might be interested please have them contact us at Keep in mind the program is limited to certain locations…for now.

So take a moment and pat yourself on the back for being stewards of goodwill. Without you spreading the word we could not have managed for people to have meet through our site over coffee in Stockholm.

As always we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Get out there and meet someone new and GoGrabLunch!


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