If you had no other option

We have all heard the stories about people in emergency situations accomplishing super-human like feats.  The mother that lifts the car off her child or the cat that saved her kittens from a fire by shielding them with her body (try not to cry).

One of the things that I find most interesting about business is scenarios where losing is not an option.  Now I am not saying it works every time, but for me personally any time my back has been up against the proverbial wall and “failing” was not an option I ended up reaching my goal.  And usually exceeding my goal.

I wish I could tell you why or how that happens.  My best guess is that when put into those type situations we don’t allow our mental or physical limitations to get in the way.  By allowing our instincts to shine through there is no chance for second guessing.  We simply do.

What I have is that really successful people are able to enter this type of “state” at will.  In fact they seem to live in it.  Ever met someone who seemed to be talented at everything they tried?  It really is no coincidence.  Certainly natural talent and god giving gifts play a part.  However so does hard work, a lot of practice, and a determination to succeed barring any obstacles.

While positive mental states like this take time to cultivate, they are rewarding when you finally reach that point where allowing negative thoughts of failure cease to exist.  And then you just do…



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