More benefits than making money

Networking certainly is about connecting with prospects that are interested in your product and/or service. Boiling it down even further, networking is really about making money. But any professional that sees it only as a means to an end is missing the point. Networking has many, many more benefits than dollars in your wallet.

When our site had been live for a few weeks I was forwarded an email where a local university was promoting the site as a way for students to network with employers. By no means do I want us to be seen as another employment service but I have to admit that the idea is valid.

I’ve told you hundreds of times already that networking is about connecting with someone who knows someone, who knows someone, etc. Well all those “someones” know business owners and recruiters that are looking for qualified candidates.

When I was laid off a few years ago due to my company out-sourcing to India my instinct was to immediately turn to my contact sphere. Driving away from the building I literally had two interviews. While it took a few months to land somewhere it was my sphere of influence that helped me do so.

Again, I don’t want GoGrabLunch to be seen as a way to get in front of employers. But if you are a job seeker I do encourage you to use us to increase your visibility. And I hope we help you find work.


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