How many seeds do you have anyway?

Jim Rohn is well known for his recounting of the biblical parable of the sower. Here is a link to his classic speech on this subject.  I recommend taking the 10 minutes to listen to it.

Networking and sales have a truly symbiotic relationship.  Both have always been a numbers game.  The more contacts you make the greater the chance for you to close a sale.  The only problem with networking is that it can take time for your fruit to ripen.  And most people are not willing to give their efforts the necessary time to bear fruit.

Building a networking pipeline is no different than building a sales pipeline.  I like to continually stoke the fire of my business contacts regularly.  Staying top of mind is critical to receiving referrals consistently.

One great way to have a multitude of seeds planted is to be deliberate about referring business to your contacts before you ask for anything in return.  This sets the tone for the relationship by showing that you are willing to help them without expecting anything in return.

The only issue can be believing you will get apples from a pear tree.  Be sure you are vetting out your contacts to determine if they are a good place to be putting your efforts.  Some professionals I know are not willing to take a meeting with just anyone.  While I am somewhat selective I will take an hour of my time, if I have it, to meet a new contact in order to get a feel for the potential the relationship has.

Of course a great way to do this is over lunch.  Know any good ways to make that happen?



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