Dead silence

You are in the middle of a conversation at a networking event or party and it happens…crickets. Within my circle we call it the thirteen minute lull, as in every thirteen minutes in a conversation there is a period of pause.

Normally this is the time where all parties involved sip their drinks. By the way I always carry some sort of drink with me at networking events for just this reason. But let’s suppose you don’t like carrying around coffee because people always bump into you
causing you to spill some.

What are some other options? The following are three of my favorite conversation re-ignitors:

– “isn’t this venue great/terrible?”

You are all at the same event so what better common ground could there be? Make sure to keep your comments clean but honest. Unless the person you are talking to is the host. In that case try “you know what I’d like to see next time”.

– “so the funniest thing happened to me the other day”

Being willing to be the subject of a good laugh builds trust quickly if it is all in good fun. After all whatever you say has more than likely happened tom the other party. Again keep it clean and positive. No one wants to hear how busy you are. We are all very busy.

– “what did Gloria Estefan do to her hair”

Ok don’t really try this. I have a friend that would say this every time he was at a loss for words. The idea here is to use laughter to get things rolling again. I recommend something closer to “do you know Bill Smith? He is such a “. Don’t worry if they don’t know Bill. Just suggest that they meet Bill. Maybe even do the intro yourself.

So, what re-ignitors do you use?


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