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Sometimes in a conversation you get moments of dead silence.  Other times you can’t get enough room to speak.  There have been times in my networking experiences that I have been in conversation with someone and they talked so much that I felt like I couldn’t walk away.

In those instances are you the type to just hang in there until the other party takes a long breath?  I for one have a few ways to make the transition out from the conversation.  Let me share those with you.

  • Many experts suggest a slight touch on the person’s arm.  Usually this will cause them to pause in their speech, giving you enough time to try some of the other suggestions below.  While I don’t think this is for every occasion it has worked for me.  I generally find this to work best with people of opposite genders.  Of course you have to be careful where you touch people.  I recommend their elbow or shoulder.
  • Begin scanning the room behind you not just over the person’s shoulder.  By turning around completely you make it clear you are looking for someone.  Usually the other party will recognize that you seem to be expecting someone.  Just be sure to have the person’s name in mind if they ask who you are anticipating showing up.
  • Bring in another person to the conversation and introduce both parties to one another.  Quickly make the introductions and use the pause to grab a drink, go to the restroom, etc.  I like to use this with two talkers.  It’s so fun to watch them try and sort out who will lead.

By all means I do not suggest you be rude.  I can however say that there have been times that I have simply talked over the other person and told them that I needed to move on for any variety of reasons.  Even then I am sure to thank them for their time and wish them a good day.

Are there any tips that have worked for you?


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