Stop selling, start sharing

For years my wife has asked me how I can stand being in sales. It’s always been a question that has intrigued me. Mainly because I don’t consider what I do sales. To me a sale is when you get another person or company to buy products and/or services they don’t truly want or need.

I like to believe that what I do is quite different. Certainly I have processes for prospecting, leading questions I like to ask, etc. but I rarely have to sell my prospect on the benefit of my service(s). The fact is that if I have done a good enough job of understanding the underlying issue and helped my prospect get to a place in their mind where they see the solution I can offer (and therefore the value) then my prospect “sells” it for me.

A lot of this is accomplished by sharing past issues I helped resolve and pieces of how that was done. The key here is to be specific. Too many professionals I know can talk a good game about clients they helped but when pressed for names or direct references they fall short.

So I’d say it’s a frame of mind. How about you?


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  1. Great post – and thanks for the retweet! Interesting opinion on the definition of a sale – and a good one! I’d agree it’s a frame of mind as well…if there’s an understanding of value in what you do – I think there’s very little “selling” required. Thanks for an interesting insight!

  2. No, thank you for the comment. I’ve enjoyed your Hello Referral tweets.

    How can I help your business?

  3. Great post, and I get it on an intellectual level. There’s still nothing like quota pressure, whether it’s from the boss or the pressure of paying your own bills, to get one into “I’ve got to sell something or I don’t pay the rent” mode. I always wished I had the “magic”, the “I could sell ice to an eskimo” persona. I’ve often stayed away from sales positions because I feel that rather than serving my customer, I have to be a machine cranking out numbers.
    No easy answer.

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