Putting a face with a name

This past Sunday I was driving around town and happened to catch a segment of The Feed on local station WNOX 100.3. Aaron Sachs (@aaronsachs) and his co-hosts of @SymplySocial were discussing how relationships could be built through social media. As you can imagine the subject struck a chord with me. So here is my pennies worth.

Social media is definitely helping people build relationships in both their personal and business lives. It’s my belief that one of the reasons is that since the Industrial Revolution, and probably before, people have gravitated toward convenience. Services like Twitter and Facebook make connecting with new contacts and reconnecting with old ones a matter of little true commitment. Which is why texting is so popular. If we are on the phone I have to talk to you.

Let me take this a step further. I believe that people are starting to realize that you don’t truly know the person on the other end of the keyboard simply from the things they say. Otherwise companies like Klout wouldn’t be using advanced algorithms to rank people and their influence.

Mark Schaefer has written at least two posts about the emergence of Klout scores on his blog businessesgrow.com. In our town Mark’s word on social media is gospel. What I like about Mark is that he gets the importance of both social media and face to face meetings. In fact we continually connect through both methods.

What I really think we will see in the near future is people using social media to forge new contacts but then using face to face meetings to strengthen them. Twitter and Facebook will be used much like an employer uses the interview process to weed out bad candidates. But instead it will be bad contacts being gauged.

GoGrabLunch.com – get in their face!


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