Are we a disruptive our own model

A disruptive innovation is one that disrupts an existing market. You could argue that Facebook disrupted MySpace. Most venture capitalists will tell you that startups that create products and/or services that fit this model can be big wins. But what if your innovation is so disruptive that you effect your own company with it?

One of the battles GoGrabLunch regularly fights is pulling people out from behind their computers. In fact the social media craze is so prevalent that I believe our model is attempting to disrupt that phenomenon.

And there end lies one of our threats and an opportunity.

Earlier today I told a contact of mine that I believe a push back is coming when people will wake up, realize they have spent months updating status logs, and realize they got little in return. At which point I believe we will see a resurgence in face to face networking. Thus an opportunity.

The threat is that we have to survive long enough to see that paradigm shift. And we are up huge companies that are also media darlings. So my answer is yes it is possible to be disruptive to your own model, particularly if you are ahead of your time. Of course I think we are positioned just right.

Now your turn. Is it possible to be so innovative that you disrupt your own growth?


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