F2F vs. social networking: Round 2

Cost of entry

In round one we saw these two heavyweights duke it out over ease of entry. At the end of the round the judges gave face to face networking a slight 10-9 edge. The announcers however thought that round two might tell a different tale.

And they were right. No sooner had the cost of entry round begun that F2F found itself face down on the mat. Luckily after an eight count he was able to rise only to spend the rest of the round running.

As anticipated social networking wins this round 10-8. When it comes to cost of entry it’s an easy win for this hyped up heavyweight. Even if you are using apps to manage your social media accounts there is rarely a cost. And if there is it’s less than $5.

However almost every face to face event has a cost. Whether it is BNI or Chamber of Commerce there is usually a cost to join.

In round three we will look at time cost. The results might surprise you.

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