F2F vs. social networking: Round 3

We have spent the last few posts comparing the various positives and negatives between face to face and social networking. After two rounds social networking is leading this hard fought battle 19-18. In this third round the two will be fighting over who can claim the right to be called most efficient in regards to time commitment.

At the end of our last post we mentioned the results might shock you. In our opinion face to face networking wins this round on points, scored 10-9. Here is why.

While you might think that face to face networking is more time intensive we found that it is not. In fact we discovered that professionals are spending more time on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, but are achieving less in terms of results. In fact the professionals that were interviewed said that they spend more time on social media than they ever spent on face to face events…regardless of return.

The ones that were still utilizing face to face networking said that while they are doing less of it they are seeing more results because they are making sure to attend events based on quality of potential contact not quality.

Next we will tally the results and discuss how each “contender” can improve.

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GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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  1. There really is a danger and false sense of security sitting behind the keyboard and not getting out there meeting people. Social Media can facilitate those meetings, as GoGrabLunch is in the buisness of doing, but results come from dealing with a real live person….who you will in turn continue contact with through social media.

  2. To play devil’s advocate for moment: it’s a tricky business quantifying the useful hours one spends on social media because a lot of it is truly for entertainment purposes. I tweet for more than one reason: sometimes to network, sure, but other times to kill time, have fun, and spout some useless rant about potholes (are you listening TDOT?). The truth is I probably network very little in social media. For that, it’s false networking. You think you’re connecting but in fact you’ve become just a tiny blip of an icon in most people’s minds that follow or friend you. So for that, I deduct more points from social media. Last, face to face can be quite entertaining. I’ve truly enjoyed myself on the numerous lunch meetings I’ve had with GoGrabLunch. So more points to face to face for being true networking AND entertaining.

  3. In the fourth paragraph you need to change one of the words to quantity (if that was in fact the word you meant to use), as it stands now it says: attend events based on quality of potential contact not quality. See it says quality twice. I like the series though, very interesting 🙂

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