One shot at it

In our series on face to face versus social networking we talked about the importance of a strong opening. And there is no shortage of the number of people that talk about the importance of a good first impression. In business it seems that business cards act as our first impression.

Dr. Misner of BNI recently did a blog post on Great Opening Questions. In it he recalls a networking event where he met a new contact and their first question to him was “What is the most amazing thing that has happened to you today?”.

Certainly that is a great opening question. I agree with Dr. Misner that it is so positive that you can’t help but concentrate on the answer. What I don’t like about it is that it is so uncommon people may not have an answer.

You could use some of the suggestions I posted a while back that were good for when silence sets in on a conversation. But one of my favorite opening questions is “Do you know ?”. The reason I really like this question is that if you can introduce your new contact to your existing one it diffuses the initial awkwardness.

So what is your favorite opener?

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