Last impressions are as important as first ones

First impressions certainly are important. So much so that many networkers practice their opening lines. What most networkers don’t work on is how they finish a conversation. Of course the standard formalities are common and work. But what are some ways to exit a conversation and leave a strong lasting impression? Other than your typical “have a great day”.

Let me share two of my favorites.

– Use a compliment

And no I don’t mean “it was nice to meet you” or “your so kind for taking the time to visit with me”. I like to compliment the other party on something that they mentioned in our conversation, specifically a business accomplishment. Maybe they just landed a new job, position, or even better a new client. If they recently landed a new client I like to try the following:

“Well congratulations on your new client. I am sure you worked really hard for that business and deserve the success. You know I work with the same type of clients. Why don’t we GoGrabLunch next week and talk more about how our calling efforts might cross path? I’d like to learn more about how you interact with your clients and then maybe I’ll share more about what is special about what I do”.

This works well as it shows genuine interest and your willingness to help each others business grow.

– Show them you were listening; make a suggestion

This approach is similar to complimenting the other party. However the difference I that you show you were truly paying attention. What I do here is reiterate an interesting part of the conversation that might have seemed insignificant.

Conversations that have any length to them stall at some point during which filler conversation ensues. I like to bring it back up to show I paid attention the entire time. Suppose the other party made an off-handed comment about an issue they were dealing with. As I am exiting the contact I will make a suggestion that might help them. Maybe they have a large task looming over their head. I might say “I know breaking large tasks into smaller pieces really helps reduce my stress”.

Leaving behind positive energy that still lingers after you have walked away from a conversation is a great way to keep you front of mind.

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