Do you set networking goals?

Last week we asked if you had a networking motto? Other than one witty response (darn you @lrknight!) we got some fantastic feedback. You can read the blog and comments here.

I like to think of your networking motto as a mission statement. Without activity behind that mission there can be no results. Below are a few take-aways when it comes to networking goals:

  • they should be in writing, realistic, and measurable.
  • they should not be in terms of monetary profit; otherwise you are going into things with the wrong mind set. remember that it’s all about helping each other. not helping yourself to your contact’s wallet
  • they should be long-term. too many networkers give up after three months if they haven’t turned a profit by then. networking is about trust and that takes time to build.
  • they should be specific to your industry and career bath. someone in carpet cleaning might not need as long as a financial adviser to see a return on investment.

So, have you set networking goals and what are they?

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