Incubate your efforts

Today I found an article in which the author references the idea of an incubation periods for your networking efforts.

I hate to say it folks but I agree. Business networking takes time before you can expect to see any results. According to this article that can range from six to eighteen months. It’s just not something you can rush.

So if this is true is there anything you can do to speed up the incubation timeline? Glad you asked. Here are a few tips:

– make it all about them not you. If you are busy helping others succeed they will more times than not return the favor.

– send good referrals, not junk. Don’t just make referrals to people so you can say you did. Take the time to learn what they consider a good referral and the best way to deliver one.

– give a referral early in the relationship and often. Again more times then not the other party will feel the need to reciprocate.

– followup after giving a referral. Check in with the other party to show that you are interested in making sure the connection went well and willing to make sure the parties connect.

Remember that rushing a relationship can create a sense of desperation. These tips can help…as long as you have no hidden agenda.

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  1. The value of those referrals is incalculable yet they come free of charge..Or do they?.Over the years a number of other service providers have approached us offering to refer their clients to usfor a fee. Are we recommending said vendor because we think theyre a great choice for our client or are we trying to make a buck off a referral?

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