Guest blog from Tim Ferraris, #2 member on our site

I recently asked some of our members to share their experiences from using to network. Our first guest author is Tim Ferraris. He has the second highest NetQuotient on our site which you can see here.

Tim is a fantastic attorney who specializes in working with small businesses. You can learn more about his practice here.

How GoGrabLunch Has Worked for Me

I’ve been a user of GoGrabLunch since its launch in November 2010. I’ve attended meetings with people I’ve known and people that I don’t know from Adam. Through my GoGrabLunch meetings, I have gained a great number of business relationships and have gained new clients through those contacts, i.e. GoGrabLunch has made me money. It works!

I don’t claim to have any magic formula for success, since most of success is just showing up. I’ve done that a lot. However, I do interact with the GoGrabLunch service in a particular way, and I’d like to share with you a bit of what has worked for me.

-Grab and Be Grabbed
Don’t just lurk and wait for your next meeting to magically appear on the site. Create a lunch. The great thing about GGL is that you know the person you are meeting wants to be there. If they created the lunch, they are willing to meet with YOU. If you created the lunch, you are willing to meet anyone. When you put two people together who are wanting to form a new relationship (or grow an existing one), your meeting is set up to be successful. A quick tip: Create only one open lunch at a time. More isn’t always better.

-Have “Lunch” in the Morning or Evening
I haven’t limited myself to meeting people at lunchtime. More than half of my GoGrabLunch meetings have been either GoGrabCoffee or GoGrabBeer instead. There’s likely a potential contact (like me) out there who prefers to meet people at times other than lunch.

-Be Yourself and Help Others Do the Same
When you meet, don’t just talk about your business. Talk about your life. Discover shared interests. Ask questions. Help your lunch partner get to know you and always be willing to listen more than you talk. You’re building a relationship here. That is the focus.

Even if my GoGrabLunch meetings hadn’t brought me any business at this point, I would still find them worth my time, because not only has my business network grown, I simply like being with people and hearing their stories. I’d like to encourage you to create a lunch soon. Get out there and relate.


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