Social media improves face to face networking skills

This week I read a blog on where the author was of the opinion that being on Twitter can help improve your in-person networking skills?

Two of the main points Ms. Harper made is that by being on Twitter is that you learn to be attention to conversations and to be patient.

After some thought I disagree.

For me many people use social media because of the speed with which it allows you to network. And that it is this factor in particular that causes people to pay less attention to both what they say an why they are saying it. I feel that people jump into certain conversation just to be seen and heard. Meaning literally just for the exposure.

As for becoming more patient, I have seen this in action enough to know that people actually become less patient in general. They expect that by getting involved and putting their name out there that business will flow there way. And when it doesn’t after some time they begin to wonder why.

It’s hard to be patient and attentive when the Twitter feed is sending you two hundred plus updates every minute. But when you are sitting across the table from someone you have no choice but to pay more attention.

I do agree that social media has a place in each professionals networking repertoire. I also think that being on social media can help individuals better understand the power of networking. Certainly utilizing Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook can improve people’s exposure to both good and bad networking practices in action.

It’s my recommendation that you use social media for certain networking functions and in-person for others.

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