Know the answer to this one question

How could I of all people draw a blank? I’ve spent countless hours coaching professionals to be able to answer the exact same question. I’ve encouraged them that if they will go about their networking efforts the correct way and seek to help others by asking the question that in time it will be reciprocated.

“You’ve been awfully helpful to me, how can I help you?”.

This past Friday I was at lunch with Andy Brasfield of Southeastern Laser. If you have not met Andy I suggest making an effort to do so. He and his partner founded their company over 20 years ago and their success is well deserved.

So Andy and I are enjoying some conversation over lunch when I realize there are two introductions I could make that would help his business. In fact, he agrees they would be very beneficial. So I tell Andy I will see what introductions I can get moving forward. And then he says…

“You’ve been awfully helpful to me, how can I help you?”

While I don’t anticipate this question I am normally prepared to fire back an answer. Instead I just stammer like an 8 year old boy asking for his first kiss. And the comeback, or answer, is so simple. Certainly I encourage other professionals to be specific, but just in case you stammer try this.

“Who is a successful business person I should meet?”

Which leads me to a segway…meet like-minded business professionals over lunch at


About Jonathan Patrick connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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