Enough with the gender comparisons

I found another articletoday commenting on the research LinkedIn recently did comparing men to women and their online networking abilities. So who is the better networker?

Neither outshines the other in my opinion. Proper networking is learned skill, not one that people are born with. Certainly individuals with out-going personalities, people that enjoy crowds, etc. have a better likelihood of becoming a good networker. However, I have never felt that one gender is naturally better at it than the other.

Who networks the best? The professional that does it…consistently.

Networking is not something you do part of the time. It is an all the time event.


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  1. ..So how do I choose who to connect with?..I connect with people that .. .When I get a request from someone I do not know it is my policy to reply to them and ask questions that will help me get to know them better before I actually connect…I categorize networkers on LinkedIn into the following categories ..1 LIONs LinkedIn Open Networkers .

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