I just had to share this

This has very little to do with business networking, but I just had to share.

Recently I have been getting back to reading (ok, actually listening to audio) books on personal development. Some of the material has been a bit monotonous, but as with all things there have been hidden nuggets of information throughout the material.

One of best pieces has been suggestions around time management. I wish I could credit where I heard the idea, but I’ve read so much lately there is no way.

The premise of this “system” revolves around three key questions:

1) what are my goals for the week? Notice I said week, not day. Planning one day at at time doesn’t allow much time for thinking ahead and a month at a time is too much.
2) what activities will it take to accomplish that goal?
3) how much time do you need to commit to those activities?

Now, for day to day activities I first set my single goal for the day that has to be accomplished and my “frog” for the day. Frog being that one activity I would least like to do but have to get checked off today.

Any items beyond the one goal and the frog are broken down by the following priorities:

“A” – must completed
“B” – should complete
“C” – nice to complete
“D” – delegate
“E” – eliminate

I will leave you with a saying that I heard (again I can’t remember where) that I am living by and it has made a huge difference in my leaving of stress: “you can only get your time and life back to the degree which you are willing to discontinue low-producing activities” – Unknown


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