Circling back around

My friend, Bill Piper, uses this phrase often. Anytime I talk to him and have not seen him in person for some time he always suggest we “circle back”. It seems Bill understands the power of reconnecting with existing contacts in order to stay top of mind.

Circling back with existing contacts is a good practice. I compare it to owning your existing customers first, before trying to bring on new customers. If you can’t maintain a relationship with the current contacts, what makes you think you will do a good job fostering trust with new ones?

So how often should you circle back? Well, that depends on the nature of the relationship. While it might seem a little cheesy, I suggest asking the other party how often they would like to catch up.

A good rule of thumb in the absence of guidance is quarterly with top contacts and semi-annually with all others. If a visit with your contact is only worth while once a year then you really don’t have that good of a relationship.

Why quarterly meetings? As you probably know, life moves at a fast pace. Things in business move at as quick a pace and plenty can change during three months. Perhaps you or your contact have evolved your target market. Reconnecting is a great time to re-educate each other on the type referrals you could use introductions to.

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