If she gets it…

Yesterday I was on a panel of “experts” that spoke in front of a University class.  The topic was financing options for start-ups.  On the panel was a very successful entrepreneur, a CPA, and myself.  How I was included as an “expert” I have no idea.  My co-panelists were another story.

The CPA on the panel spent her 10-15 minutes talking about the need for quality financial management practices and tools.  She has a short Top 5 list of best practices.  The first four were good information.  But number five she stunned me.

#5 – Accountant/Attorney

What was she saying?  Well, the answer was the need for a solid group of advisers.  As she put it a team (I later added that it might be considered an outside team, versus the inside team being the partners).  On top of that, she added the necessity to meet these potential teammates through networking.

I found myself thinking that if this CPA (a clearly qualified one by the way) gets the importance of a team and networking, why do so many other professionals miss it?  Frankly, I don’t have the answer.  I can tell you that networking is something people either get or they don’t.  But I can tell you that the ones that “get it” tend to be the most successful.

If you happen to be one of the professionals that gets it, please join us at GoGrabLunch.com


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