Endorse this…

In the past few weeks I have had numerous requests on LinkedIn from business associates. Without exception these are people that I have known off and on for some time. Without exception I am happy to have known them. However, I cannot say I know them well.

In most instances the individual is newer to LinkedIn and the request involved “endorsing them”. I certainly understand the value an endorsement can provide and why they are necessary in the business world. A few people have been kind enough to provide me with an endorsement, and I am more than willing to pay it forward. When warranted.

Endorsements, or testimonials, can go a long way toward opening certain doors. Whether that be to referral sources, potential clients, or strategic partners. So let’s look at what makes a good endorsement:

An endorsement should be considered most valid when:

– it comes unsolicited
– it comes from someone that has actually done business with you
– the reason for the endorsement is quantifiable, tangible

Being a kind person is certainly important in business. No one likes doing business with a jerk. But it doesn’t make endorsement material.

I am a firm believer that if you do the right things and provide quality business services or products the endorsements will come. And they will mean that much more to you.

Get to know people, build trust, build relationships, and the rest will take care of itself.


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