What makes a good business lunch setting?

On our website we require members to rate the chosen restaurant after each professional networking meeting.  This is important not only to our preferred restaurants, so that they know how they are performing, but also to our members.  After all, not everyone understands what makes a location a good networking venue.

Here are a few tips:

  • Somewhere relatively quiet.  I don’t mean library silence like, but somewhere you can have conversation without shouting over the den of noise.
  • Somewhere busy.  Now why do I say that?  Again, you don’t want the place so quiet that everyone can hear your conversation.
  • Somewhere with a wide variety of menu items.  Not everyone likes the same type of cuisine.  Your new contact could be on a special diet, i.e. vegetarian.
  • Somewhere easy to reach.  You don’t want to schedule a meeting place that is easy access just for you.  Proximity to major thoroughfares is a good idea.  So that you can both return to work on time.
  • Somewhere “public”.  While restaurants off the beaten path are often great places to eat, they can cause safety concerns.  Particularly for women.
  • Somewhere that has quick, but good, service.  Again, most people will be under a time constraint.
  • Somewhere clean.  Need I say more?
Just a few things to think about when planning a location for your next professional meeting.  

About Jonathan Patrick

GoGrabLunch.com connects like-minded business professionals over face to face, one on one appointments based on each member's preferences.

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