Should you drink at lunch?

I actually got asked this question.  Seriously!?

Yes, I know the Europeans do it.

Yes, I know we are all adults.

Yes, I know you were just talking about one drink.

Plan and simple it’s not professional.  If you can’t make it an hour without having a swig then you need to be at rehabilitation clinic, not a professional networking lunch.

Now, is it different if you have known the other person for quite some time.  Of course.  But, then again, how well do you really know them?

Save the “good times” for another time…


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  1. I agree, Frank. As a woman, it is not a good idea to be seen out with another man with drinks at the table, because people draw conclusions. Not only that… there ARE people who try to take advantage of a networking opportunity, and I don’t want to spend my energy deciding if the person I’m having lunch with is a flirt or a lush.

    Good rule to follow:
    One man and one woman together should not have drinks together if they aren’t dating/married .
    More than two people who are together can have a drink, but only if the others in the party are having drinks, too. Otherwise you may be drinking in front of a recovering alcoholic or someone who doesn’t drink for religious reasons, and that’s not cool.

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