Is networking addictive?

Earlier this week a tweet from one of the people I follow on Twitter read:

“Off for my weekly dose of #BusinessNetworking”.

Which made me ask the question, is networking addictive?  Well I suppose it depends on a variety of factors.  The least of which would be your comfort level in talking to strangers and the amount of success you have had.

It is easy to see how networking might appeal to someone that is comfortable with talking to strangers.  I have known many a female professional (sorry ladies) that is so talkative, that putting them in a room full of people expecting to have a conversation is a dream come true.

In terms of accomplishments, I think that early success is critical for re-enforcing the behavior.  Professionals that are able to turn early networking efforts into referral relationships, or better yet sales, tend to buy into the need for more networking.  This is one of the reasons I try to act as a connector when attending events.  Helping new networkers get into a groove early tends to make them come back for more.

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