Gender’s role in networking contributorFrieda Klotz recently blogged about Dr. Misner’s book called Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think).

I have not taken the opportunity to read Dr. Misner’s latest work, however from reading Ms. Klotz’ summary I know I will in the near future.  If I had to summarize what I read in one statement, it would be that the authors believe women are better networkers because they understand relationships more than men.

Although it is a generality, and I know plenty of men that understand the value of relationships in business, there is no denying that as a whole women tend to rub elbows better than most men.  And I don’t believe it is because of their “sex appeal”.

I have met some female networkers that use their gender to their advantage by playfully flirting with contacts.  But let’s be honest.  There are plenty of men that do that as well.

Below is some suggestions Ms. Klotz added after speaking with Dr. Misner.  I recommend you put them to practice:

Dr. Misner’s networking advice for women:

  • Dress for business at business events.
  • Put systems in place to track your business.
  • Stay in touch and follow up on referrals and friendships made.

Dr. Misner’s networking advice for men:

  • Edit what you’re about to say using filters, and avoid what’s not appropriate.
  • Stay informed about the best networking practices. Develop systems for tracking contacts.
  • Speak to women to relate to them, not to impress them.

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