Facebook, Google + the future of business networking (@jangelo)

J. Angelo Racoma recently wrote an article in which he discusses the future of business networking and some adjustments that he feels Facebook and Google + can both take advantage of. I recommend reading his article as it is a good piece and I will only be reference small bits of it.

Here a few take-aways I got out of the article:

– Facebook and Google + could run out of markets (i.e. new members) at some point due to their existing size and growth rates. After all the entire planet doesn’t have computers, yet.
– More and more companies are using social sites as “internal corporate communication networks”. – Facebook and Google + will need to begin focusing on value added services as their growth potential stagnates.

These are all solid points. In fact, they echo a lot of what we at GoGrabLunch.com have been saying. The author’s statement about value added services being critical echoes what we have mentioned before. That being that there is always a “Now what?” to connecting on social networking sites.

Through Facebook and Google + you can connect with other professionals. But what happens after that can quickly become a jumbled mess of sales pitches and “Likes” with each professional trying to shout louder than the other in order to be recognized. Even LinkedIn falls in this quagmire.

And that comes back to what we have been trying to tell you. Long term relationships in business can’t be sustained strictly over the internet. Sooner or later, to build the trust needed, you have meet people face to face.

Want to have a value add Facebook and Google +? How about allowing your members to GoGrabLunch


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