Networking marathon

My wife has been involved in the race community for some time now. To support her I have gone to many a race and began noticing what a tight knit community it really is. And, surprising, the events are very fun. Who knew punishing your body can be so rewarding.

Now, I have always been into exercising. But just within the past week I have ran my first organized race (a half marathon; on a whim and with little training) and a 10k. I finished the half in just over 2 hours and the 10k in 47 minutes. By the way, if you want to read more about my fitness experiences go to

You might be surprised how lessons learned from racing can equate to networking.

Here a few similarities:

– You have to train to get better. We all know the more you do an activity the better you get at it. One great way to practice business networking is in non-professional settings. This time of year is full of holiday parties. Make use of the time and seek out people you have never met to practice conversing with.

– Start out easy and slow. In racing it is best to start out slow and work your way into a good pace. Networking is no different. If you are new to business networking find an event and setting that you are comfortable in. I recommend speed networking events. This way you know you will meet and certain number of people and even is expecting the same.

– Push yourself. One of the great things about races is the moment you hit the “wall”.
This is what racers call the point where you want to stop. Networking has walls as well. For most people it is just a matter of getting started and once rolling they feel better. Get outside your comfort zone.

– Have a goal in mind. Most good networkers I know set goals for each networking activity they participate in. Know what it is you would like to accomplish and set your activities up to help you reach that goal. Is meeting five new people at each event enough? That depends on your goal.

I recently met a man named David at a nutrition seminar. David shared his personal story about reaching the top of his industry, only to have ruined his health in the meantime. Certainly, making a living is important. But it is useless if you can’t enjoy the spoils of business because of your health.

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