Why take your foot off the gas?

I recently read another good article by Dr. Ivan Misner in which he discusses how this time of the year is great for planning and goal setting in 2012.  Personally speaking, I had already done my personal and professional goal setting in November.  I do, however, plan to use next week to review those plans and goals to make sure they are a fit for my vision for 2012.

Over Christmas I talked to a few other professionals that were working in the office this week, but were looking forward to “coasting” through the end of the year.  I have to admit, the thought had even crossed my mind to take this week at a light pace.  And I will go another step.  I have noticed that most of the GoGrabLunch members seem to be taking the month of in terms of networking activity.

Then I got to thinking – why would you take your foot off the gas?  Isn’t this time of year the perfect time to accelerate your activity in order to have your pipeline full, so that you can hit 2012 running?  I certainly understand that vacations and holidays can easily mess with a schedule.  But isn’t when things are slow the best time to get busy?

And what about the idea of setting your 2012 goals?  Do you have set networking goals for next year?  You should.

My friend Ken Thoreson recently did a blog in which he laid out some great questions to help you plan your 2012 sales efforts.  I would encourage you to take a look at his list.  And if you find yourself not scoring well, then maybe it is time to hit the gas pedal.

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