Are you an eBay or Craigslist networker?

My family has used both of these services to sell personal items.  Most recently, my wife has been selling some items via Craigslist.  The experience has been mixed.  Out of five items that we have listed, all five have garnered interest.  Interest being that prospective buyers have emailed their intent to come see the item.  Out of those five, only two have actually showed up at the prearranged date and time.  That is less than a .500 batting average.

Not only have the prospects failed to show up, most of them have failed to follow-up once the set date and time passed by.  Personally,  a simple email of why they didn’t come and whether or not they are still interested would be acceptable.  I’ll hold my breath.

And this is the problem with Craigslist.  While the service is free and sometimes easier to sell items on (i.e. no hassle of having to ship an item), it has a big flaw.  That being the inability to provide feedback.  At least on eBay there is a feedback system in place to discourage any sort of disrespectful behavior.

So, that got me thinking.  Are you an eBay or Craigslist networker?

A Craigslist networker would be the type that isn’t on time for scheduled meetings with others, they don’t follow through with personal introductions they offer to make, and they don’t follow-up to see how their referrals went.

eBay networkers show up on time, they provide feedback, they follow-up to see if the other party is satisfied with the “transaction”.  And because they do all this, they get referred to others.

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